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Shandong Shenli rigging Co Ltd is a provincial new and high technology enterprise which has modern management level and ability of manufacturing medium and high grade rigging It has a history of more than thirty years that all of the products are exported The products include more than 1000 varieties among which G80 connecting link G80 safety hook G80 shortening clutch and G80 Tawgk have been patented At present among all the domestic manufactures of rigging SHENLI is in the highest flight not only in manufacture scale technology and equipment but also in quality variety and specification Now SHENLI has more than 500 sets of equipments including the 26 key sets of testing equipments The...

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LASHING AND PULLINGwhy use weight lifting hooksexcavator bucket lifting hookG100 EYE SHORTENING GRAB HOOKstainless steel lifting hooksstainless steel lifting ringsshackle to shackle connectionrigging hardware and fittingsmaster link lifting equipmentBLACKED SURFACE STRAIGHT TYPEHIGH TENSILE LIFTING FITTINGSSLDING TYPE WITH SAFETY LATCHHIGH TENSILE ALLOY STEEL HOOKPEAR SHAPE LINK HIGH STRENGTHFOR TRANSPORTING AND LOASHINGU.S TYPE TYPE CONNECTING LINKFORGED STEEL RING ALLOY STEELBEND TYPE HOOK WITH ROUND EYEHIGH TENSILE STRENGTH SHACKLEMULTIPURPOSE LINK FOR LIFTINGG80 POINT FOR LIFTING PURPOSEHIGH TENSILE GRADE 80 SHACKLEWITH SAFETY LATCH ZINC PLATEDDEE SHACKLE WITH BOLT AND NUTG100 EYE SELF LOCK HOOK SAFETYSUITABLE FOR G80 LASHING CHAINLIFTING HOOK WITH HIGH STRENGHPRECASTED ELEMENT FOR BUILDINGlifting hook with safety latchMADE ACCORDING TO U.S STANDARDchain sling working load limitstainless steel anchor shackleNOT FOR LIFTING GRAB TYPE HOOKquadruple branched chain slingunder the hook lifting devicesquick release rigging hardwarearchitectural rigging hardwareLASHING C HOOK WITH SPRING PINrigging hardware safety factorrigging hardware for sailboatsSAFETY LATCH FOR LIFTING HOOKSlifting hook safety inspectionlifting & rigging hardwarevestil fork truck lifting hooksailboat mast rigging hardwareropeblock rigging hardware b.vdefinition of rigging hardwareautomatic release lifting hookindian standard for chain slingsmall sailboat rigging hardwarebest weight lifting hook strapsbenedictine the connecting linkEN1677 STANDARD HOOK WITH LATCHSUPER CARBON STEEL LIFTING HOOKBARREL HOOK SURPER CARBON STEELGRADE 70 AND GRADE 43 GRAB HOOKchain shackle vs anchor shacklewestern saddle rigging hardwareweight lifting hook wrist strapmodel sailboat rigging hardwareUSED WITH CHAINS AND WIRE ROPESmaterial handling lifting hookslog lifting hook made in canadaadjustable quad leg chain slingSUITABLE FOR G80 LASHING CHAINSG80 Forged Master Link Assemblynarrow body eye hook for liftingline 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SLEEVEASSEMBLIED WITH G70 AND G43 CHAINSattaching a rope to a lifting hookG80 EYE SLING HOOK WITH CAST LATCHsailboat rigging hardware for salesailboat standing rigging hardwarechain sling with shortening clutchenergy chain and sling gillette wya chain sling that must not be usedalloy sling chain or asc industriesosha below the hook lifting devicesbahia marine hardware & riggingbelow the hook lifting devices asmeG100 RACHET BINDER WITH SAFETY HOOKSmarine grade stainless steel shackleLIFTING HOOKS ASSEMBLIED WITH CHAINSG80 CLEIVS SLING HOOK WITH CAST LATCHcharleston rigging and marine hardwareFORREST HOOK USED WITH STEEL WIRE ROPEFOR TRANSPORTAITING AND LASHING USING.SCREW PIN TYPE SHACKLE WITH COLLAR PINdesign of below-the-hook lifting devicesbelow the hook lifting device inspectionexample of rigging hardware and fittings4 leg chain sling with shortening clutchFORGED PARTS FOR PRECAST ELEMENT LIFTINGuse of slings and common rigging hardwareMULTIPURPSE FOR MANY TYPES OF CLEVIS HOOKSG100 SPECIAL EYE GRAB HOOK WITH SAFETY PINa chain sling that must not be used quizletbelow the hook lifting devices load testingthe piece of rigging hardware used to coupledifference between d shackle and bow shacklereplacement turkey rack and lifting hook setlifting hook with spring-close locking latchG100 SPECIAL CELVIS GRAB HOOK WITH SAFETY PINLIFTING PURPOSE TO BE USED WITH EN818-2 CHAINSMASTER LINK WITH ONE MAIN LINK AND TWO SUB LINKSrigging hardware used to attach a sling to a loadan eye bolt is a piece of rigging hardware with awhen are safety latches required on lifting hooksto facilitate shifting the position of a lifting hookwhen should the factory-installed lifting hooks be usedSUITABLE FOR WEB SLINGS AND EN818-2 CHAINS-GOOD QUALITY PRODUCT
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